Terms and conditions


We work on a first come first served basis, however we will ALWAYS endeavour to try to accommodate clients who need to secure the services of a sitter at short notice due to last minute sitter let-down.

Deposit…Please be advised that once we have confirmed your booking, we will issue you with a comprehensive invoice on which we will clearly detail the services being offered, the total number of days/nights of the sit, the daily/nightly rate being charged and the total amount due. This invoice will also contain our full banking details so that you may make eft payments. It will list who your sitter is and their contact telephone number. We will require you to pay 50% of the total amount due no later than 72 hours prior to your departure, and the balance of the total immediately on your return. Please note that no sit can take place if the required deposit has not been received.

Cancellation of services – retainer:

Cancellation 90 days in advance – Full return of your deposit.

Cancellation 60 days in advance – 70% return of your deposit – 30% retainer.

Cancellation 30 days in advance – 50% return of your deposit – 50% retainer.

Cancellation 15 days in advance – 25% return of your deposit – 75% retainer.

Cancellation less than 7 days in advance- no return of deposit.

If, having met with our sitter, and together with both the sitter and yourself, agree on the start date and end date of the sit, our sitter will fully commit to such dates, excluding any other sit requests during that period from their bookings diary.
Should you shorten the sit period without giving at least 14 days notice, you would be required to pay the
sitter’s daily rate for the number of lost day

Please note householders are advised to inform their insurance company of the presence of our sitter and the duration of the sit. We shall under NO circumstances be liable for damage to the property due to crime, fire, flood or act of God.

Our sitter should be allowed to utilise standard household appliances such as fridge, television, dstv, radio, kettle, toaster, microwave, iron, ironing board, washing machine etc…as well as normal use of a bathroom.

Whilst our sitters will take the utmost care to look after your appliances, kitchen utensils etc, the house sitter will not be held responsible if an item fails due to normal usage.

House Sitters Cape and House Sitters North only act as agents on behalf of the house sitters. Should any loss or damage occur whilst the sitter is looking after your pets and property, the said house sitter will be personally liable for all such damage caused


A.. Please be aware that the majority of our sitters reside in the metropolitan areas. Should a sitter be required to drive in excess of 50kms return to either visit your home (meet & greet) or to commence a sit, there would be a nominal travel/petrol charge.

B.. Should you require our sitter to use their own vehicle to transport your pets to the vet or to take them to a designated area for walks, an agreed travel cost reimbursement would apply.

Use of cameras within the client’s home and property.
Please be advised that if you have cameras installed both within your home and on you property that can monitor our sitter’s activities, you must firstly advise our sitter of such cameras and obtain our sitter’s agreement in writing that our sitter accepts such monitoring.
The RICA Act clearly states that failure to gain the sitter’s acceptance, or to conduct monitoring without informing our sitter would be a contravention of the Act.