Our Sitters

We know, from personal experience, that often the hardest part about going away is leaving your beloved pets behind.

Let them rather stay at home in familiar surroundings and let us care for them.

All of our sitters are active; fit animal loving retired persons.

Able to devote all of their time to the wellfare of your pets and home whilst you are away.

Several of our House Sitters are involved in animal charity work with the SPCA and Animal Rescue.

Unlike others…

– we do not charge extra if you have pets
– we do not charge to walk your dog.

There are no hidden charges!

At Pet and Home Sitters North there are NO extra charges

Earn Extra Income!
Register as a Pet & House Sitter

Register as a Pet and House Sitter

If you are retired, wish to supplement your pension and have all the qualities to be a successful home/pet sitter for Pet & House Sitters North, you can register here and let us find the the right house sitting opportunity for you.