As humans, we have been fascinated by cats all of our lives. In ancient Egypt they were even worshiped as gods. With their elegant walk, independent attitude, mysterious aura, and mischievous playful nature – what is there not to love?

Just like us, some cats are complex in nature, whilst others love closeness of human company. They demand attention and love the bonding nature of neck scratches. Whilst with others, their daily routine seems to revolve around their food bowl! Some are introverts, preferring their alone time, or they are shy and need lots of time and patience to get to know you. Rescue cats often have been abused and their trust in us has been badly shaken. If you wish to bond for the first time and the cat runs away, just ignore him/her for a while. Let the cat get used to you and your voice, smell and presence first. The cat will soon realize that you are not a threat and its curiosity will get the better of him/her. They will check you out.

If you come down to the cat’s level by making yourself smaller, you will look a lot less threatening. Sit on the floor and let the cat come to you. Let them smell you. Cats rely heavily on scent, it will be the cat’s way of getting to know you.

Prolonged direct eye contact is threatening to cats. When first meeting a cat, half close your eyes and blink slowly, then look away.

Play time is very important to cats. Have you ever met a cat that does not like playing with a ball or piece of string? Play time is good for the cat’s mental health and is a good confidence builder. It is a great way for you to bond with the cat.

Cats are far more skittish than dogs. They cannot handle loud noises or sudden movements. Act calmly around him or her. If the cat is in a different room, announce your presence before entering the room. This way the cat will not be startled.